Diagnostic Assessment for Teens

Upon admission, all residents will be administered a “core” battery of diagnostic and assessment instruments and tools. At minimum, those will include:

  1. Psychiatric Evaluation
  2. Psychosocial Assessment
  3. Family System Assessment
  4. Health and Physical Assessment
  5. Nutritional Screen Assessment
  6. Self-Harm Screen Assessment
  7. Psychological and Neuro-Psychological Testing
  8. Chemical Dependency Evaluation
  9. Medication Evaluation
  10. Recreational/Leisure Evaluation

Contingent on clinical indication, additional diagnostic or assessment tools will be utilized in the overall assessment of the resident. Those may include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Psychosexual Testing
  2. Autistic Spectrum Testing
  3. Nutritional/Dietetic Evaluation
  4. Educational Evaluation
  5. Vocational Testing
  6. Occupational Assessment
  7. Neurological Evaluation
  8. Assessment/Evaluation of Learning Disabilities
  9. Speech and Language Assessments
  10. Psycho-Sexual Risk Assessment