A Day in the Life at The Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute for Behavioral Assessment follows a structured schedule that combines school, therapy, recreation, chores, meals and free time. Each day starts and ends with a community meeting that serves as a forum for teens to address any treatment issues and get constructive feedback from their peers. Students attend school at least five days a week, with various therapeutic groups interspersed throughout the day.

In the afternoons and evenings, there is time set aside for exercise and activities that are designed to help students develop social skills and build upon their successes. Activities may include ROPES course initiatives, time at the gym, games, and other forms of recreation.

During Classroom Time, students work on computers, listen to music, or do arts and crafts.
On weekends, students enjoy movies, free time, letter-writing, exercise and games while continuing their participation in community groups. Game Time is an opportunity for students to play board games, video games and card games as a group. The more relaxed weekend routine gives teens a chance to recharge for the week ahead.

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